The basic equipment of camping is tents. Today we will talk about the choice of tents. Before buying a tent, we must have a simple understanding of the tent, such as the tent’s specifications, material, opening method, rainproof performance, windproof ability, etc.

Tent Specifications

The specifications of the tent generally refer to the size of the tent. The common tents in our camping are 2-person tents, 3-4 people tents, etc. These two are the most common. In addition, there are single-person tents for hikers. There are also multi-person tents for multiple people, and some tents can even accommodate 10 people.

Tent Style

There are many tent styles that can be considered for camping now. The common ones are dome tents. In addition, there are also spire tents, tunnel tents, one-bedroom tents, two-bedroom tents, two-bedroom and one-hall tents, and one-bedroom and one-bedroom tents. tents etc. At present, there are still some tents with very peculiar appearance. These tents are generally large tents with peculiar appearance and higher prices.

Tent Weight

Someone asked about the weight before. I don’t think the weight of the tent is a problem, because camping is generally self-driving, unlike hiking and mountaineering, you need to carry a tent on your back, so for campers, experience is the primary factor. Weight Don’t take it too seriously.

Tent Material

The material of the tent mainly refers to the material of the fabric and the tent pole. The fabric of the tent is generally nylon cloth. The tent poles are currently aluminum alloy, glass fiber pole, carbon fiber and so on.

About Waterproofing

We must pay attention to the rainproof ability of the tent. When checking the data, the general rainproof level of 2000-3000 is basically enough to cope with our camping.

Tent Color

There are many colors of tents. I think white is the best color for taking pictures. In addition, there are also some black tents that are also very beautiful for taking pictures.

Open Way

At present, the common opening methods are manual and automatic. Automatic quick-opening tents are generally tents for 2-3 people, which are very suitable for girls, while large tents are generally set up manually.

Wind Protection and Safety

The wind resistance mainly depends on the tent rope and ground nails. For newly bought tents, I still recommend that you re-purchase the tent rope, and then replace the rope that comes with the tent, because the rope purchased separately generally has its own reflective function at night. It’s very useful at times, and won’t trip people who go out.


Note here that camping tents are also divided into winter tents and summer tents. Winter tents generally have a chimney opening. This kind of tent can move the stove into the tent, and then extend the smoke outlet from the chimney.

Post time: Jul-04-2022