Unfamiliar men and women camping in the wild, how to choose a tent more advanced?

Camping in the wild is what many young people like to do now. Whether it is a single man or a woman or a young married friend, they all like to go camping in the wild with their relatives, friends or family on weekends or vacation days. When camping in the wild, setting up a small tent and eating homemade barbecue, not to mention how comfortable it is. However, many young people will also encounter some difficulties when choosing a tent. How to choose? Let’s take a closer look.

Bastards are the preference of young people

Young people always love to play, especially in the cement city, it is very hard to work hard every day. On weekends or vacations, it is very pleasant to go to the wild to relax. When camping, tents are naturally indispensable. There are many types and sizes of tents, but currently the most popular among young people is the jerk. So what is a jerk?

Literally, men and women rest in a tent. Such tents also come in different sizes, usually large tents. Men and women can play cards, chat, and play games in the same big tent. In many cases, ALICE likes to be a jerk. There are three main reasons why young people like to be a jerk:

One is that girls generally have poor physical strength and are relatively weak. If they carry a tent alone, it will be very difficult. Such camping is simply a crime.

The second is that camping in the wild is basically for men and women. There are many kinds of mosquitoes in the wild. With a jerk, camping will be more comfortable and avoid the dilemma of mosquito bites.

The third is to build a bastard to form a relatively large public activity space. Whether it is a family of three, or a few good boyfriends and girlfriends, they can conduct activities in this public place. This is also why many young people like bastards. reason.

How to pick a jerk
Choosing a jerk is not a simple matter, and there are many factors to consider. For example, if a family of three goes camping, then the **** needs to accommodate three people; for example, it may rain in the wild, so if the camping area is far from home, then the **** needs to be waterproof. To sum up, choosing a git should start from the following aspects:

First of all, choose a **** to look at the size. Generally, it is better to choose a 3-4 person account, which is large and comfortable. If the area is too small, people will feel depressed and uncomfortable inside.

Second, choose git to see features. Since it is camping, pay attention to its waterproof function when choosing a tent. It is better to choose a dick with a waterproof capacity of more than 1500mm, and the waterproof effect is good. Of course, there are also professional waterproof ones, up to 3000mm or more, which can withstand heavy rain or even heavy rain without water leakage.

Finally, the weight of the goddamn is also the key to the choice. You must know that for outdoor camping, people need to carry these devices on their backs, and it will be inconvenient if they are too heavy. It is better to choose a bastard with a weight within 3.5KG. Although it is expensive, it is worth choosing.

Use git where the attention
There are some details to pay attention to when building a dick, which will give you more peace of mind. For example, a tent should be set up in a flat and relatively high position; the bonfire should be kept away from the tent; the tent should be reinforced to prevent it from being blown away by strong winds.

Okay, so here, do you have a certain understanding of the bastard? For young and playful friends, it is a common thing to go camping in the wild. If you prepare such a high-end tent, it is a good choice for everyone to play games or rest in it. There is also a home in the wild. Of course, dicks also come in sizes and materials, so be careful when you buy them.

Post time: Jul-04-2022