Do you have a feeling that there are more and more people around you who like to camp recently? Indeed, it is not only you who discovered this phenomenon, but also the tourism authorities. On the website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, “camping” was written as a keyword in the official travel information for two important holidays in the first half of this year. According to the website, during the “May Day” holiday in 2022, “camping has become a trend, and many special and exquisite camping products such as ‘flower viewing + camping’, ‘RV + camping’, ‘open-air concert + camping’, ‘travel photography + camping’ and so on are popular among tourists. sought after.” During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, “local tours, surrounding tours, and self-driving tours have become dominant, and parent-child and camping products are favored by the market.

Even someone like me who didn’t have any camping gear was dragged by friends to set up tents twice in the suburbs. Since then, I have involuntarily started to pay attention to the parks and open spaces around me that are suitable for camping, and then tell my friends the information I have collected. Because for those who love camping, the most important thing is to find a suitable place to “set up camp”. Slowly, the author discovered that any decent green space is likely to be “targeted” by campers. Even on the walking trail by the small river in front of the house, after nightfall, someone will set up a “sky curtain”, sit there drinking and chatting, enjoying a picnic in the shade…

Camping is a new thing, and it is still in the stage of cultivation and development. It is good to find some problems in time and provide guiding opinions, but it is not appropriate to formulate too detailed and strict implementation standards too early at this stage. Any system needs to be operable. If the size of the tent is too precise, it will be difficult to implement effective supervision with the existing management power of the park. In addition, the setting of tent size needs to be based on scientific basis. It may not be reasonable for the park to unilaterally limit it. More interested parties can be invited to participate in the discussion, and everyone’s affairs can be discussed.

Camping is actually a positive adjustment made by people to travel in order to comply with the epidemic prevention and control policy. At this stage, we should give everyone a more relaxed environment. For park managers, the top priority is to follow this trend, fully tap resources, open up more suitable camping areas, and provide better conditions for citizens to get close to nature.

Post time: Jul-04-2022